Cyclotrons to Make Neutrons & Radioactive Targets for SBSS at LBNL

Use of cyclotrons for producing neutrons & radioactive targets for Science-Based Stockpile Stewardship (SBSS)
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88-inch Cyclotron, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
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This work is important for national security needs of the SBSS program and in training of young scientists for the future workforce in this area.

Intense light ion beams, such as protons, deuterons, He-3 and He-4, from a cyclotron such as the 88-Inch Cyclotron at LBNL, can be used both to produce radioactive isotopes for use as beams or targets, and to make neutrons using deuteron break-up and other reactions.

A neutron beam line shown on the left, has been constructed for the purpose of performing direct neutron cross-section measurements on radioactive isotopes as input to reaction codes that are used in modeling extreme environments for nuclear astrophysics and science-based stockpile stewardship.