HEP Proposal Guidelines

It is important that the specific proposals be submitted to the proper funding opportunity announcement. Failure to do so may result is in a proposal declined with no review. Please read the following carefully.


HEP’s Comparative Review

Each year, the Office of High Energy Physics (HEP) issues The Research Opportunities in High Energy Physics funding opportunity announcement (FOA). Research proposals submitted in response to this FOA are merit reviewed on a comparative basis that started in fiscal year 2012. Proposals submitted to this FOA are only accepted during the limited time when the solicitation is open.

Restrictions as to what sort of institutions can submit proposals do apply; a careful reading of the FOA is warranted.

This FOA is HEP’s principle research funding instrument. Other FOAs that support HEP activities in very specific areas are offered during the course of the year, often open for a limited time. For more information and to access to the current or most recent Comparative Review FOA, please go to the HEP Funding Opportunities web page.


Office of Science Annual Solicitation

The Continuation of Solicitation for the Office of Science Financial Assistance Program is the Office of Science’s annual solicitation. Proposals may be submitted to this FOA year round.

It is strongly recommended that proposals addressing specific HEP research or technology development activities that were formerly submitted to the Office of Science annual solicitation be now submitted to HEP's Research Opportunities in High Energy Physics FOA.

For a complete description of the types of Office of Science funding opportunity announcements, corresponding guidelines and requirements, and how to apply for a financial assistance award, please view the Office of Science’s Funding Opportunities web page.


Supplemental and Conference proposals

Supplemental proposals that seek financial support to an existing grant funded under the Research Opportunities in High Energy Physics FOA should be submitted to the Office of Science’s annual solicitation, as previously done. Conference proposals should also be submitted to the annual solicitation.


Conference proposal guidelines

Proposals/FWPs must be submitted AT LEAST 6 MONTHS prior to the start of the conference to allow for proper review and processing of proposals. Proposals not meeting this requirement may be declined without further review.

Please note the following:

  • Funding from HEP is usually limited to $10k per conference and $5k for a workshop. Exceptions may be made for special cases.
  • Costs for entertainment and alcoholic beverages are not allowed and cannot be reimbursed. Such costs cannot be included in the conference registration fee.
  • Costs for meals, refreshments (e.g. coffee breaks), invited speaker travel or honoraria are allowable only in very limited circumstances. Explicit justification must be provided.
  • Costs for room and A/V rental, meeting support, and conference proceedings are allowable.
  • Travel support should be limited to students who have no other source of funding.
  • Grantees are not allowed to charge overhead on conference proposals.
  • Exploring multiple funding sources is encouraged and should be noted in the proposal.
  • Conferences held outside the US are generally not supported, even if organized by US groups. Exceptions may be made in rare circumstances for international conferences or workshops where funding through a US lab is the only viable alternative and there is a demonstrated programmatic interest to the DOE.