Electronic Submissions to HEP

Frequently Asked Questions on electronic submissions to the Office of High Energy Physics

Electronic proposal submission is new to the DOE Office of Science and the Office of High Energy Physics. It can be confusing to people the first time, so this list of Frequently Asked Questions has been collected.

  • Can I submit multiple files?
    • The system can handle more files than I would want to deal with, but for my purposes fewer files is better. Please condense your application into a few files as is feasible. One is the best, but if you want to separate the technical proposal from the face page, budget sheets and certifications feel free.
  • How should I name the file?
    • Remember that the name you use on your computer such as DOE_renewal.pdf is not going to mean much to us. Try the form InstitutionName_PIname_ERnumber_description.pdf. For example Minnesota_Rusack_ER40823_CMS_supplement.pdf
  • How can I make my latex file generate nice pdf?
    • Pdftex and pdflatex can both generate pdf files, but they need to have correct fonts installed on the system. Most modern linux systems and latex systems for windows have these fonts. Old Unix systems frequently do not. If you are not getting pdf files that look as good as those made with Adobe PDFmaker or Acrobat then you may be missing the appropriate fonts. Check this page for a description of how to obtain and install the fonts. Here is an example of a latex document made into pdf using the appropriate fonts.