Dr. Thomas Settersten

Team Lead
Fundamental Interactions

Program Manager
Atomic, Molecular and Optical Sciences Program

Office of Basic Energy Sciences
SC-32.1/Germantown Building
U.S. Department of Energy
1000 Independence Avenue, SW
Washington, D.C. 20585-1290

Phone: (301) 903-8428
Fax: (301) 903-0271

Dr. Settersten is the team lead for the Fundamental Interactions team and the acting program manager of the Atomic, Molecular and Optical Sciences Program.

Prior to joining DOE as the program manager for the Atomic, Molecular and Optical Sciences (AMOS) Program in 2015, Dr. Settersten worked on the AMOS Program during a one-year assignment to DOE from Sandia National Laboratories. During his 15-year tenure at Sandia’s Combustion Research Facility (Livermore, CA), Dr. Settersten was the manager of the Combustion Chemistry and Diagnostics Program (2009–2014) and the principal investigator of the Nonlinear Laser Diagnostics project (2000–2011). Dr. Settersten previously worked as a research scientist at HY-Tech Research Corporation focusing on plasma and pulsed power research and as a beamline operator at the Cornell High-Energy Synchrotron Source. He has extensive experience in short-pulse laser-molecule interactions and chemical physics. Dr. Settersten is the  author of over 40 peer-reviewed articles..

Ph.D., Colorado School of Mines, Engineering Systems, 2000
M.Eng., Applied and Engineering Physics, Cornell University 1990
B.S., Applied and Engineering Physics, Cornell University 1988