Dr. Steve Herbert

Program Manager
Photosynthetic Systems

Office of Basic Energy Sciences
SC-32.1/Germantown Building
U.S. Department of Energy
1000 Independence Avenue, SW
Washington, D.C. 20585-1290

E-Mail: stephen.herbert@science.doe.gov
Phone: (301) 903-0383
Fax: (301) 903-0271

Dr. Stephen Herbert is the Program Manager for Photosynthetic Systems. 

Prior to joining DOE, Dr. Herbert was an assistant and associate professor of Biology at the University of Idaho from 1991 to 1999 and an associate professor of Botany at the University of Wyoming from 1999 to 2014.  From 2006 to 2013, he was head of the Department of Plant Sciences at the University of Wyoming.  He also served as a rotating program officer for the National Science Foundation in 2002. 

Dr. Herbert’s research interests included fast light harvesting dynamics in cyanobacteria and red algae, the Photosystem I-driven cyclic electron transport pathways, and adaptations to reactive oxygen species by photosynthetic systems. He is an expert in the use of photoacoustic methods for photosynthesis research.

Postdoctoral training 1988 to 1991 - Carnegie Institution for Science, Plant Biology Dept., Stanford, CA
Ph.D. 1988 - University of Washington, Seattle, WA
B.S. 1980 - Seattle Pacific College, Seattle, WA