Dr. Christopher Fecko

Dr. Fecko serves as a program manager for the Solar Photochemistry program and the Fuels from Sunlight Hub.  He also manages 7 of the 36 Energy Frontier Research Centers.  Prior to joining the DOE in 2013, Dr. Fecko was a faculty member in the Chemistry Department of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  In addition to teaching undergraduate and graduate physical chemistry courses, he led a research group that focused on photochemical processes and transport phenomena in biological systems and functional materials.  Before UNC, Dr. Fecko conducted postdoctoral research in biophysics at Cornell University and graduate research in ultrafast condensed-phase spectroscopy at MIT.

Dr. Fecko has research experience experimentally investigating a range of chemically relevant dynamics in systems of varying complexity, including gas-phase collisional energy transfer, intermolecular interactions of molecular liquids, protein transport in heterogeneous biological cellular environments and charge injection in nanostructured solar cell materials.  He is a specialist in a variety of laser-based spectroscopy (ultrafast IR and Raman, nanosecond photoluminescence and transient absorption, high resolution laser-induced fluorescence) and optical microscopy (multiphoton, confocal and total internal reflection) techniques.

Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2004
B.A. in Chemistry and B.A. in Physics, Swarthmore College, 1998