SciDAC-HEP Announcement Frequently Asked Questions

Scientific Discovery through Advanced Computing: High Energy Physics

Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOA) DE-FOA-0000580 and Program Announcement LAB11-580

Q1: Can the same proposal be submitted to different open SciDAC FOAs?

A1: You may NOT submit the same proposal to more than one DOE FOAs that have separate DOE FOA numbers.

Q2: Will there be $ 4 Million available for universities and an additional 4 Million for Labs?

A2: NO. There is a total of up to $ 4 Million available for this particular FOA # 580 for Labs and Universities combined.

Q3: Is there a preferred distribution of funds between Universities and Labs for collaborative proposals between labs and universities or a preference for the lead institution being a university or a lab?

A3: NO to both sub-questions.

Q4: Are there specific allocations for each of the three topics listed in the FOA?

A4: NO. A particular listed topic may or may not get funding depending on the reviews, DOE program needs and available budgets.

Q5: Can projects that receive funding via this FOA partner with other projects in the future?

A5: YES. Options for additional partnerships in the future are noted in the FOA. For example any project that gets funded can in the future apply for add- on partnership projects with NP or NNSA or other offices or agencies should funds become available.

Q6: Can we apply to only HEP for funding under this FOA?

A6: YES, provided the request has specific computational high energy physics research goals that require leadership class computing.

Q7: Are there page limits? What happens if they are exceeded?

A7: YES there are page limits (30 pages for the narrative for the main proposal and 5 pages for each partnering proposal). Proposals exceeding the page limits will be rejected without review. See guide for proposals sections 2 and 3.

Q8: Is it possible to submit biographical sketches longer than 2 pages so that all relevant information can be included?

A8: No, only the most relevant information should be included in biographical sketches to meet the page limit.

Q9: (a) Are partnerships encouraged to request funding for current Institute researchers to enable project-specific collaborations? (b) This increases the funding for the Institute participants beyond that covered by the Institute itself. Is this acceptable?

A9: (a) Yes. (b) Yes.

Q10: If an institution has participants on both the physics and math sides, should there be a separate institutional PI for each side, or a single overall PI for that institution?

A10: You should have only one PI from each institution, irrespective of funding source. Of course, within your institution, you can have whatever management structure makes sense to you.

Q11: When we propose a budget for ASCR activities, do we need to request additional funding for SciDAC Institute personnel?

A11: The lead proposal's budget must include the requested funding for all personnel performing work, including those in the SciDAC Institutes. As stated in the Announcement for the SciDAC Institutes ( "...the work of each proposed Institute is not science application-specific...", therefore any work that you want them to do for your proposed project must include a proposed budget for that work.

Q12: I used the Application Package from but I got an error when I tried to submit it. What do I do now?

A12:  The FOA was amended October 7th. The FOA now states on the first page:  “This Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) was deleted from and reposted on October 7, 2011. A new Application Package (Forms) was posted at that time. The new Application Package is identical to the old one except it is encoded differently behind the scenes, so the information requested on the forms remains the same. Application Packages downloaded prior to October 7 will generate errors upon submission. If you downloaded the Application Package prior to October 7, please discard it, download a new Application Package, and use the new one for submitting your application. No other changes were made to this FOA on October 7.”