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Million molecule simulation of ice formation in a single water droplet.

Freezing a Droplet to Stop the Ice

General Electric

Advances in simulating water molecules in droplets reveal surfaces that may be resistant to ice formation. Read More »

The tip clearance vortex between rotor tip and casing in a state of deterioration as “Stage 67” transonic compressor approaches stall.

Ramgen Takes Turbomachine Designs For Supersonic Spin on Titan

Ramgen Power Technologies

Ramgen Power Company, a small business, investigate and optimize novel turbomachinery design using Titan. Read More »

Microscopy (left) shows layers of the stratum corneum’s waxy “mortar” in which keratinaceous “bricks” called corneocytes are embedded. The layers contain repeated short- and long-chain lipids. Molecular dynamics simulations performed on Titan (right) demonstrate that the long-chain fatty acids are crucial to keeping the skin barrier intact.

Procter & Gamble and Temple University Scientists Model Skin’s Makeup

Proctor and Gamble

Oak Ridge National Laboratory simulation predicts epidermal responses to compounds. Read More »

Ramgen Power Systems received IDC’s HPC Innovation Excellence Award for their work using the OLCF’s Jaguar system.

OLCF Partner Wins Major Industry Award

Ramgen Power Systems, LLC

Ramgen Power Systems recognized by IDC for work on Jaguar. Read More »