Student Participants

  • Student participation in the Visiting Faculty Program is optional. Students may be undergraduates or graduate students only from the faculty member’s academic institution.
  • *Faculty member applicants may invite up to two students (one of which may be a graduate student) to participate in the research project. Student participation is at the option of the faculty applicant. 
  • Students must meet the program eligibility requirements to apply. Information can be found on the Eligibility page. It is recommended that the faculty member confirm that the student(s) meet the eligibility requirements before inviting the student through the online application.
  • Students should demonstrate promise as young researchers and be able to contribute to the research project as described in the research proposal.
  • Student participation is by invitation only and is subject to final approval by the DOE laboratory research advisor.
  • Graduate student participants must be supported by their academic institution for living expenses during the Summer Term. DOE will only provide housing and travel support. 

*Students cannot be invited during the Spring or Fall VFP terms. Students are eligible to participate in the VFP program during the Summer Term only.