Categorical Exclusion (CX) Determinations

Thomas Jefferson Site Office Categorical Exclusion (CX) Determinations

Determination Date Name of Action: Description Categorical Exclusion Number
12/7/2023 Laydown Yard Expansion Project – TJSO-SC-23-01 B1.15, B1.31, B1.33
12/1/2022 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Installation Project – TJSO-SC-22-01 B5.23
6/29/2020 MOLLER MIE Project – TJSO-SC-20-01 B1.31
7/12/2019 CEBAF Renovation & Expansion Project -TJSO-SC-19-01 CX B1.15, B1.24
10/24/2017 Utilize a detector to collect underground test measurements for the Beam Dump Experiment (BDP) B1.31; B3.6; B3.11
9/8/2017 Corrective, preventive, and predictive maintenance and maintenance-related activities at Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (TJNAF) 81.3; Bl.27; Bl.31; 82.2; B2.3; B2.5
10/27/2016 NEPA Categorical Exclusion: Utility Energy Service Contract (UESC)- TJSO-SC-16-0 I B5.1; B5.16
10/22/2015 NEPA Categorical Exclusion: 10 23 15 83.10
6/11/2015 NEPA Categorical Exclusion: 06 11 15 B1.15;B1.16;B1.23;B1.33
2/10/2014 NEPA Categorical Exclusion: 33 MVA Electrical Power Substation Project at the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility B4.11;B4.12;B1.13