The TJSO Site Office represents the Department of Energy (DOE) in conducting business with the Jefferson Science Associates, LLC (JSA) and others at the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (also known as TJNAF) in Newport News, Virginia. Located at Jefferson Lab, the Site Office reports to the Deputy Director for Operations, Office of Science, with support from the DOE Oak Ridge Office (ORO) in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. The primary DOE research sponsor for Jefferson Lab is the Office Of Nuclear Physics (NP), Office of Science (SC), located at DOE Headquarters in Washington, D.C.

  • Craig Ferguson, Manager (757) 269-5094
  • Donte Davis, Deputy Manager, (757) 269-7215
  • Monique Perry, Office Manager (757) 269-7140

Business Management

  • Wayne Skinner, Contracting Officer (757) 269-7143
  • Andre’ Bethea, Business Management Specialist/Cyber Manager (757) 269-5095
  • Latisha Blake, Contracting Officer/Financial Specialist (757) 269-6720


  • Dave Luke, Safety & Health Program Manager (757) 269-7139
  • Thomas Featsent, Safety & Occupational Health Program Manager (757) 269-5030
  • David Campbell, Environmental Management Program Manager

Mission Integration and Projects

  • Bryan Foley, Facilities & Infrastructure Program Manager/Federal Project Director (757) 269-7145
  • vacant, Federal Projects Director

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