Consolidated Service Center

Determination Date Name of Action: Description Categorical Exclusion Number
4/12/2024 DE-SC0024883 Inertial Fusion Energy with High-Gain Proton Fast Ignition A9, A11
3/15/2024 DE-SC0021615 American Museum of Science and Energy (AMSE) Operations B3.14
1/31/2024 DE-SC0024734 Bubble Thermography Velocimetry for Urban Flow Field Characterization B3.6, B3.8
8/28/2023 DE-FOA-0002809 IFE Pilot Plant with a Low-Cost, High-Energy Excimer Driver and the HYLIFE Concept A9, A11 and B3.6
9/15/2023 DE-SC0024448 Understanding earth-abundant single-site heterogeneous catalysts for energy and sustainability-critical transformations B3.6
9/13/2023 DE-SC0024191 Radiation-Induced Chemistry of Nuclear Materials B 3.6
8/14/2023 DE-SC0023946 C56-40 W Optical Fiber Based Distributed Radiation Detection B3.6
8/14/2023 DE-SC0024200 Development of a Fusion Pilot Plant Design Based on a Sheared-Flow Stabilized Z Pinch A9, A11 and B3.6
8/18/2023 DE-FOA-0002809 ST-E1 Preliminary Design Review for a Fusion Pilot Plant A9, A11 and B3.6 
6/23/2023 DE-SC0021765 Ruggedized, High-Resolution CZT Spectrometer for Operation in Inert Hot Cells B3.6