F&O delivers unique facilities to house highly sophisticated collections of equipment. EMSL’s new $4.5 million Radiochemistry Annex opens for science and research at the end of April, 2013. The four thousand square foot annex enables studies of contaminated environmental materials and examination of radionuclides and chemical signatures.

Radiochemistry Annex 

Modernization of the Aquatic Research Laboratory (ARL) delivered a flexible and sustainable research capability. For more than 30 years, the ARL has enabled science and technology solutions that optimize hydropower production while mitigating environment effects. The new facility adds more than five thousand square feet of new, enclosed research space and employs approaches that significantly reduce energy consumption while increasing research flexibility.

ARL Modernization

Replacement of the B-Cell window ensures a critical nuclear capability remains at the ready. F&O is replacing the RPL’s B-Cell window with a completely new design that allows replacements to occur with significantly less radiation exposure and greater speed—minimizing downtime to research.

B-Cell window replacement

F&O delivers facilities that exceed expectations and meet research needs. EMSL’s new $7.5 million Quiet Wing is a 10 thousand square foot facility housing ultra-sensitive electron microscopes. Research in the state-of-the-art facility enables detailed understanding of new levels of complexity in natural materials as well as the ability to design and synthesize manmade materials with increasing precision.

EMSL Quiet Wing 

Belle II plans to revolutionize the detection and study of particles. The objective of the US Belle II project is to provide detector subsystems to the KEK laboratory in Japan for integration into the Belle II detector.  The US Belle II detector subsystems provide critical particle identification allowing researchers to study the decays of some of the smallest and rarest particles and other physics processes.

Belle II