Categorical Exclusion (CX) Determinations

Oak Ridge National Laboratory Site Office Categorical Exclusion (CX) Determinations

Determination Date Name of Action: Description Categorical Exclusion Number
4/30/2020 DOE Purchase of Building 2040 B1.24
7/26/2023 Transfer of Real Property Asset from the DOE Office of Science, Oak Ridge National Laboratory Site Office to the DOE National Nuclear Security Administration, Office of Secure Transportation A2; B1.24
3/7/2023 Bank Stabilization and Repair to Jones Island Road on the Clinch River (CX-ORR-26-001) B1.3
3/9/2023 Removal of A Fence Near Department of Energy Oak Ridge Reservation (ORR) Boundary Oak Ridge Tennessee Roane County Tennessee (Cx-Orr-27) (002) B1.23
11/29/2022 Transfer of the SSP-2A Parcel and Construction of an Electrical Substation (CX-ORR-25-001) B1.24; B4.11; B4.12
7/12/2022 Categorical Exclusion Determination for Research and Development Operation of the Material-Plasma Exposure eXperiment (MPEX) Target Station for Neutron-Irradiated Samples at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (4433X) B1.10; B3.6; B3.13
7/12/2022 Demolition of Excess Structures at Freels Bend in Oak Ridge, Tennessee (4647CXD) B1.23; B6.1
9/25/2020 Office of Secure Transportation Running Track / Physical Training Facility Construction CX-ORR-18-001 AMENDED B1.15, B2.1, B1.23, B2.3
5/27/2020 Property Transfer of the SSP-2A to the National Nuclear Security Administration (CX-ORR-24-001) B1.24
2/25/2019 Office of Secure Transportation Construction of Shipping and Receiving Building and Gravel Parking Lot Expansion CX-ORR-21-001 B1.15, B1.13