Office of the Manager

The OSO Manager, under the direction of the SC Deputy Director for Field Operations, discharges the mission through a Deputy Manager and subordinate organizations that include Reservation Management, the Mission Integration and Projects Division, the Operations and Oversight Division, and the Business Division. Site Office operations are integrated to support mission delivery; day-to-day functional assignments within the Site Office are tailored to achieve program mission priorities.

Name Phone
Johnny O. Moore (Manager) (865) 576-3536
Michele G. Branton (Deputy Manager) (865) 576-4530
Wendy Cain (Senior Federal Project Director) (865) 574-9130
Ethan Merrill (Senior Federal Project Director)
(301) 903-7516
Cassie Dukes (865) 576-1085
Carrie Norman
(865) 576-0710

Reservation Management

Reservation Management staff provide subject matter expertise in the management and oversight of infrastructure operations across the Department’s  Oak Ridge Reservation, performed by multiple contractors.  Areas of responsibility include Roads & Grounds maintenance and operations; facility maintenance; and, delivery of electric, natural gas, and potable water utilities to ORNL and the Y-12 National Security Complex.  Reservation Management is also responsible for stewardship of the Oak Ridge Reservation, to include land use planning and oversight of various environmental requirements associated with DOE land.

Name Phone
John Shewairy (Assistant Manager) (865) 576-9603
Brigham Ash
(865) 574-8266
David Golab  (865) 341-3208
Scott McGill (865) 574-0169
Jim Von Pleuren (865) 341-2482

Business Division

The Business Division staff provide day-to-day oversight of ORNL and ORISE procurement, financial management, public affairs, contractor and quality assurance, business management, and the Strategic Partnerships Program activities.

Name Phone
Jamie Seiss (Director)  (865) 576-9656
John Champlin (865) 576-1954
Deborah Garland (Lead Business Specialist) (865) 241-9566
Jud Kingman (Lead Contract Specialist) (865) 576-0418
Brittany Logan (865) 576-4523
Jennifer C. McKinney
(865) 341-2819
Claire Sinclair (865) 576-7710

Mission Integration & Projects Division

The MIPD staff provides day to day oversight of ORNL programmatic activities, stewardship of the research at ORNL, line item major and minor construction project management, site wide master planning, safeguards & security, and infrastructure management. They also serve as liaison with ORNL and ORISE research program sponsors for coordination of mission activities.

Name Phone
Mike Hatcher (Director)  (865) 576-0951
David Cunningham (865) 574-9276
Wayne Lin (865) 576-0639
Bill Matisiak (865) 576-0823
Herman Radke (865) 574-2357
Dean Setiono (865) 341-1840
Stephen S. Silvers
(865) 241-4211
Chris Tartaglia (865) 341-1817
John Young (865) 576-7471

Operations Division

Operations Division staff provide day-to-day oversight of contractor operations. In addition, they perform environmental, safety, and health evaluations, and audits and assessments in accordance with DOE and OSO Management policies and requirements. Oversight areas include: safety and health programs, contractor assurance, safety basis implementation, environmental and waste management, training, transportation, and facility startup/restart.

Name Phone
Chad Huffman (Director) (865) 576-0717
Walt Doty (865) 576-7321
Socorro Guy (865) 341-3067
Mike Herr (865) 241-2182
Ruth Miller (865) 576-0393
Thomas Ray (865) 574-8640
Doug Reed (865) 576-9520
Dustin Retterer (865) 576-7327
Griffin Roblyer  (906) 3707135
Elaine Roth (865) 574-6174

The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) Site Office (OSO) supports the Office of Science (SC) mission to foster, formulate, and support forefront basic and applied research programs that advance the science and technology foundations necessary to accomplish Department of Energy (DOE) missions. The OSO, under the direction of the SC Deputy Director for Field Operations (DDFO), and in partnership with our program sponsors, customers, contractors, and support organizations, is responsible for implementation of DOE’s mission at the ORNL and the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE). The OSO responsibility includes the Work for Others performed for Other Federal Agencies, State, and Local Governments and Private Industry performed under the OSO contracts, and other research and development contracts assigned by DOE-Headquarters.

ORNL was established in 1943 as part of the Manhattan Project to pioneer a method for producing and separating plutonium. ORNL has grown into a multi-program National Laboratory with nine National User Facilities and an international reputation for outstanding scientific achievements. National User Facilities include the Building Technologies Research & Integration Center, the Center for Nanophase Materials Science, the Center for Structural Molecular Biology, the High Flux Isotope Reactor, the High Temperature Materials Laboratory, the National Center for Computational Science, the National Transportation Research Center, the Shared Research Equipment User Facility, and the Spallation Neutron Source.

Today, ORNL’s primary mission is focused on conducting research in neutron science, energy, high-performance computing, systems biology, materials science, and national security. ORNL is a unique resource with the distinctive capabilities for addressing technological and scientific challenges both nationally and globally. In addition, ORNL also performs work for agencies other than DOE and private industry enabled by its one-of-a-kind resources.

As a university consortium, Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU) creates and promotes collaborative partnerships among academia, government (with a focus on Oak Ridge National Laboratory), and industry to strengthen the nation’s scientific research and education enterprise.

Also a nonprofit corporation and federal contractor, ORAU provides responsive, innovative solutions to address national needs in the areas of worker/public health and environmental stewardship, emergency response, and scientific research and education. Applying these capabilities, ORAU manages the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education for the DOE.

In addition, as a strategic partner with UT-Battelle, the managing contractor for ORNL, ORAU works with the University of Tennessee and Battelle to help strengthen the science and technology programs at ORNL.

Our purpose is to facilitate mutually beneficial university partnerships that will enhance collaborative research and expand faculty and student participation at the lab.