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SC is committed to meeting sustainability goals required in laws and executive orders. Accordingly, each SC site prepares an annual Site Sustainability Plan (SSPs) as required by DOE Order 436.1, Departmental Sustainability that addresses the Department’s sustainability goals. The following areas are covered: greenhouse gas emissions, energy intensity, water usage intensity, High Performance Sustainable Buildings, cool roofs, metering, renewable energy, fleet management, pollution prevention and waste reduction, sustainable acquisition, regional and local planning, climate change adaptation, budgeting/funding/management, electronic stewardship and data centers, and site innovation and government-wide support. The SSPs provide invaluable data for inclusion in required SC and DOE plans and reports.

SC prepares a Composite Sustainability Plan in April of each year that summarizes SC’s overall progress in meeting the Departmental goals.

Aside from meeting sustainability goals in its own operations, the ten DOE SC laboratories and the large-scale scientific user facilities that they house and support are among the Nation's most important assets in the quest for a new, more sustainable energy economy by achieving the scientific breakthroughs needed to revolutionize materials and energy technologies  and put energy production, transmission, and use on a more sustainable basis.

The DOE Sustainability Performance Office (SPO) oversees DOE’s progress in meeting sustainability goals. The DOE SPO website contains information on plans, scorecards and reports.