The Office of Operations Program Management proactively manages the Science Laboratories Infrastructure (SLI) and Safeguards and Securities (S&S) programs and advocates the interests of the Office of Science (SC) related to infrastructure, security and sustainability.
More specifically, the Office of Operations Program Management:

  • Develops strategic direction for the SLI and S&S programs, including establishing goals, objectives, policies, and plans.
  • Communicates the SLI and S&S program benefits to internal and external stakeholders.
  • Tracks Congressional authorization and appropriations legislation to assess impacts on operations programs.
  • Collaborates with staff of the Deputy Director for Science Programs and Office of Laboratory Policy to ensure infrastructure projects are focused on fulfilling mission needs and enabling core capabilities consistent with the SC’s long-term vision for each laboratory.
  • Participates in the Annual Laboratory Planning process to ensure laboratory’s plans are consistent with SC’s strategic direction.
  • Participates in the SC Project Management community by collaborating with the Office of Project Assessment and participating in Independent Project Reviews, lessons learned workshops, and Federal Project Director mentoring forums.
  • Seeks innovative ways to meet program needs and reduce costs.
  • Establishes tools to monitor and report on the health of the SLI and S&S programs, leveraging existing methods when possible.
  • Interfaces with DOE counterparts in National Nuclear Security Administration, DOE Office of Environmental Management, and other offices to identify and apply best practices and lessons learned.
  • Benchmarks the SLI and S&S programs with comparable ones at other federal agencies.
  • Advises SC leadership on programmatic issues in a timely way.
  • Provides input into the SC laboratory appraisal process used by SC to evaluate performance by management and operating contractors.
  • Works with the SC Integrated Service Center and Site Offices to identify opportunities to streamline work processes and procedures related to infrastructure, security and sustainability.