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Report to NSAC of the Subcommittee on Performance Measures August 11, 2008


July 2006 Report of the Committee of Visitors of the Office of Nuclear Physics to the Nuclear Science Advisory Committee March 2007
March 2005 Report to NSAC & HEPAP on the Future U.S. Program in Neutrino Oscillations July 2007
July 2006 Report to NSAC of the Rare-Isotope Beam Task Force August 2007
  2007 Long Range Plan: The Frontiers of Nuclear Science December 2007


March 2005 Recommendations to the DOE & NSF on a U.S. Program of Reactor- and Accelerator-based Neutrino Oscillation Experiments February 2006


March 2005 Recommendations to the DOE & NSF on a United States Program in Neutrino-less Double Beta Decay September 2005
March 2005 Guidance for Implementation of the 2002 Long Range Plan June 2005


March 2003 Education in Nuclear Science: A Status Report and recommendations for the Beginning of the 21st Century November 2004
February 2004 Report of the NSAC Subcommittee Review of Heavy Ion Nuclear Physics October 7, 2004
September 2003 Committee of Visitors Assessment February 27, 2004
November 2003 Comparison of the Rare Isotope Accelerator (RIA) and the Gesellschaft fur Schwerionenforschung (GSI) Future Facility February 23, 2004


September 2003 Report submitted by the Subcommittee on Performance Measures November 18, 2003
March 2003 A Vision for Nuclear Theory October 24, 2003
March 2003 Fundamental Physics with Neutrons August 29, 2003
December 2002 The Nuclear Physics Scientific Horizon: Projects for the Next Twenty Years (Report of the Ad-hoc Facilities Subcommittee of NSAC) March 2003


  2002 NSAC Long Range Plan: Opportunities in Nuclear Science, A Long-Range Plan for the Next Decade April 2002


July 2001 Report of the NSAC Subcommittee on Low Energy Nuclear Physics November 2001
  RIA Costing Subcomittee Report January 2001


September 1998 Isotope-Separator-On-Line (ISOL) Task Force Report to NSAC November 1999


June 1998 Scientific Opportunities and Funding Priorities for the DOE Medium Energy Nuclear Physics Program September 1998


  1996: Nuclear Science: A Long Range Plan February 1996
  Operating Costs of the Brookhaven   Relativistic Heavy-Ion Collider August 1996


  Long Range Plan for Nuclear Science Interim Report                     April 1995


  NSAC Subcommittee Report on RHIC Experimental Equipment October 1994
  Nuclear Science in DOE:  Assessment and Promise May 1994


  National Nuclear Data Needs of the 1990's April 1992
  Report of the Subcommittee on the Implementation of the 1989 Long Range Plan for Nuclear Science April 1992
  Steady State Operating Costs for CEBAF July 1992


  Evaluation of the CEBAF Equipment Plan    December 1990
  Advice on Three Low Energy Heavy Ion Facilities July 1990


  Report of the 1989 NSAC Instrumentation Subcommittee March 1989
  Recommendations of the KAON Project May 1989
  Recommendations on Three Large Detector Proposals June 1989
  1989: Nuclei, Nucleons, Quarks -- Nuclear Science in the 1990's December 1989


  Report of the NSAC Subcommittee on Inflation February 1988
  Report of the NSAC Subcommittee on Nuclear Theory May 1988


  Report of the NSAC Subcommittee on Facility Construction August 1986


  A Computational Plan for Nuclear Science February 1985
  Report of the NSAC Solar Neutrino  Subcommittee August 1985


  Report of the 1983 NSAC Instrumentation Subcommittee May 1984
  Report of the NSAC Ad Hoc Subcommittee on a 4 GeV CW Electron Accelerator for Nuclear Physics September 1984
  Interim Report of the 1984 NSAC Subcommittee on Computers and Computing October 1984
  Review of the 1983 Long Range Plan for Nuclear Science November 1984


  Report of the Panel on Electron Accelerator  Facilities April 1983
  1983: A Long Range Plan for Nuclear Science December 1983


  Recommendations for FY 1984 Facility Construction April 1982
  The Role of Electromagnetic Interactions in Nuclear Science April 1982
  Report of NSAC Subcommittee on Research and Education in Nuclear Science October 1982


  Recommendations for FY 1983 Facility Construction April 1981
  Report by Subcommittee on Heavy Ion  Facilities October 1981
  Report by the Subcommittee on Computational Capabilities for Nuclear Theory December 1981


  Recommendations for FY 1982 Facility Construction April 1980


  Recommendations for FY 1981 Facility  Construction April 1979
  Report of the 1979 Instrumentation Subcommittee July 1979   
  1979: A Long Range Plan for Nuclear Science December 1979


  Recommendations for FY 1980 Facility Construction April 1978