DOE/NSF Nuclear Science Advisory Committee Meeting
Thursday, March 18, 2021

Thursday, March 18, 2021


Perspectives from the Department of Energy

Steve Binkley
Acting Director
Office of Science

Perspectives from the National Science Foundation

C. Denise Caldwell
Division Director, Physics

DOE Office of Nuclear Physics Overview

Timothy J. Hallman
Associate Director
Office of Science

NSF Nuclear Physics Overview

Allena K. Opper, Program Director
Nuclear Physics

Medical Applications of Nuclear Physics Research

Thia Keppel
Group Leader Jefferson Lab’s
Experimental Hall A
Thomas Jefferson National
Accelerator Facility

Presentation of New Charge: Molybdenum-99

Timothy J. Hallman
Associate Director
Office of Science

DOE/Office of Science Graduate Student
Research (SCGSR) Program Presentation/Q&A

Sharon Stephenson
Program Manager Nuclear Structure/Astrophysics
Office of Nuclear Physics

Artificial Intelligence for Nuclear Physics Presentation

Tanja Horn
Professor of Physics
The Catholic University of America