Technology Transfer

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Technology transfer and technology partnering is a significant mechanism for DOE laboratories and facilities to engage non-Federal entities to advance the process of technology development and commercialization. Fundamental and applied research at the DOE laboratories has been a conduit for technology transfer, collaborating with university and industry colleagues to develop and commercialize energy products and processes for commercial use. These arrangements leverage resources, providing for collaboration and cooperation between DOE and the private sector. Technology transfer can mean many things – technical assistance to solve a specific problem, use of unique facilities, licensing of patents and software, exchange of personnel, and cooperative research agreements while ensuring fairness of opportunity, protecting the national security, promoting the economic interests of the nation, and preventing inappropriate competition with the private sector.

The Office of Laboratory Policy works closely with the Department’s Technology Transfer Coordinator and the Technology Transfer Policy board to ensure that the robust technology transfer program at the DOE laboratories meets the requirements of the Energy Policy Act of 2005.