Science and Security

DOE and the Office of Science are committed to preserving the foundational principles of the science and technology (S&T) enterprise like open data access, transparency, and meritocracy which are the bedrock of global scientific and technological progress.

While international cooperation is essential to accelerate research and development, some governments are aggressively pursuing access to U.S. science and technology advancements and intellectual property to the detriment of our economic prosperity and security.

DOE has taken deliberate and inclusive steps to manage risks to ensure research security while maintaining an open and collaborative enterprise. This has resulted in a number of recent policy changes centered around addressing potential conflicts of interest and commitment by DOE and laboratory personnel, such as DOE Order 486.1A, Foreign Government Sponsored or Affiliated Activities. OLP is responsible for processing all exemption requests under this Order for all SC laboratories.

Included here are links to all DOE Orders and policies pertinent to research security and the DOE laboratories.

Relevant DOE Orders and Policy: