Three Advanced Detector Research Grants Awarded in FY 2008

The Advanced Detector Research (ADR) program is a competitive grant program in the Office of High Energy Physics that supports generic detector research by university-based physicists. The ADR program seeks to encourage research into detector technologies that will enable new, not yet approved experiments. For the FY 2008 cycle, three proposals were selected for funding based on external peer reviews and programmatic need, totaling $479,000 in new commitments. The winners will investigate new or improved detector technologies, including high precision timing photodetector readouts, new uses for fiber optics in next generation experiments, and evaluation of silicon-on-sapphire technology for ASIC-based readout. The awardees are:

Principal Investigator
Gary Varner
University of Hawaii
Roger Rusack
University of Minnesota
Jingbo Ye
Southern Methodist University