Seven Advanced Detector Research Grants Awarded

The Advanced Detector Research (ADR) program is a competitive grant program in the Office of High Energy Physics that supports detector research by university-based physicists. The ADR program seeks to encourage research into detector technologies that will enable new, not yet approved experiments. For the FY 2005 cycle, seven proposals were selected for funding based on external peer reviews, totaling $470,000 in new FY05 commitments. The winners will investigate new detector technologies for dark matter searches, neutrino experiments, and fast, radiation-tolerant silicon sensors. They are:

Sally Seidel

University of New Mexico

Sherwood Parker

University of Hawaii

Peter Fisher

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Priscilla Cushman

University of Minnesota

Elena Aprile

Columbia University

Bonnie Fleming

Yale University

Mark Vagins

University of California at Irvine