2001 Results for the Advanced Detector Research Program

The Advanced Detector Research (ADR) program was started in the year 2000. Twenty proposals were received, and six grants were awarded to study a variety of promising new technologies. They are listed below.


Principal Investigator




Washington University (St. Louis)

James Buckley

InGaN Photocathode Development

1 year

University of California-Davis

Daniel Ferenc

Novel Highly Sensitive Photosensor Technology for Inexpensive Large-Area Cerenkov Detectors

1 year

University of Hawaii

Sherwood Parker

Fabrication of Silicon Sensors with 3D Electrode Arrays

1 year

University of California-Los Angeles

David Saltzberg

Radio-Frequency Sensor Technology for Detection of High Energy Particles

2 years

University of Arizona

John Rutherfoord

Liquid Argon Calorimetry at Very High Luminosity

1 year

California Institute of Technology

David Hitlin,

Harvey Newman,

Ren-Yuan Zhu

Heavy Scintillating Crystals for Future High Energy Physics Experiments

1 year

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