Jan 26-28 NSXT PAC Meeting PPPL / Steve Eckstrand
Feb 2-3 40th IEA- FPCC Meeting

Paris, France / (Erol Oktay)

Feb 8-9 US-Japan RF Physics Workshop

Toba, Japan / Mark Foster

Feb 7-11 FSP Planning Workshop GA / John Mandrekas
Feb 15-17 Stewardship Science Academic Alliances Symposium

Washington, DC / Mark Koepke

Feb 15-17 DIII-D PAC Meeting

GA / Erol Oktay/Mark Foster

Feb 22

29th US-Japan Executive Secretaries Mtg via TeleVideo / Erol Oktay
March 2-4 C-Mod PAC Meeting

MIT / Mark Foster

March 7-8 Fusion Energy Sciences Advisory Committee Meeting

Double Tree Conference Center,
Bethesda, MD / Al Opdenaker

March 30-April 1

FSP PAC Meeting PPPL / John Mandrekas
April 6-9 2011 Transport Task Force (TTF) Workshop

San Diego, CA / John Mandrekas

April 27-29 Second International Lithium Workshop

PPPL / Steve Eckstrand

May 2-4 Sherwood Fusion Theory Conference

Austin, TX / Curt Bolton

May 9-13 13th International Workshop on Plasma-Facing Materials and Components for Fusion Applications and 1st International Conference on Fusion Energy Materials Science

Rosenheim, Germany / Steve Eckstrand

May 12-13 ITER 5th Test Blanket Module Program Committee Meeting

Cadarache, France / John Glowienka

May 15-19 15th International Conference on Emerging Nuclear Energy Systems (ICENES) San Francisco, CA / Gene Nardella
May 17-20 ICHED

Portugal / Mark Koepke

May 16-18 ITER STAC Cadarache, France / John Glowienka
May 18-20 ITER MAC Cadarache, France / John Glowienka
May 21 ITER CPWG Cadarache, France / John Glowienka
June 1-3 19th Topical Conf on Radio Frequency Power in Plasmas and US-Japan RF Physics Workshop

Newport, RI / Barry Sullivan

June 5-8 International Workshop on Warm Dense Matter 2011 Pacific Grove, CA / Mark Koepke
June 13 ITER CPWG Meeting

Aomori, Japan / John Glowienka

June 14-15 ITER CouncilMeeting Aomori, Japan / Ed Synakowski
June 19-24 Anomalous Absorp Conf

San Diego, CA / Mark Koepke

June 20-24 IAEA Technical Meeting on Control, Data Acquisition, and Remote Participation in Fusion Research

San Francisco, CA / Mark Foster

June 20-24 Technical Meeting on Control, Data Acquisition and Remote Participation for Fusion Research

LLNL / Mark Foster

June 26-30 38th International Conference on Plasma Sciences (ICOPS) and 24th Symposium on Fusion Engineering (SOFE)

Chicago, IL / Mark Koepke

June 27 50th IAEA-IFRC Meeting

TBD / Debra Frame

June 27-July 1 EPS Conference on Plasma Physics (EPS2011)

Strasbourg, France / John Mandrekas

July 10-14 2011 SciDAC Conference

Denver, CO / John Mandrekas

July 10-16 HEDP Summer School

San Diego, CA / Mark Koepke

Sept 5-10 12th IAEA TM on Energetic Particles in Magnetic Confinement Systems (9/5-7) and 5th IAEA TM on Theory of Plasma Instabilities (9/8-10)

IFS, Austin, Texas / John Mandrekas

Sept 7-9 22nd International Conference on Numerical Simulation of Plasmas (ICNSP)

Long Branch, NJ / John Mandrekas

Sept 11-16 10th International Symposium on Fusion Nuclear Technology

Portland, Oregon / Gene Nardella

Sept 12-16 IFSA

France / Mark Koepke

Sept 19-21 2011 Plasma Edge Theory Meeting (PET-13)

South Lake Tahoe, CA / Curt Bolton

Sept 20-23 International ST Workshop

Japan / Steve Eckstrand

Oct 10-12 13th International Workshop on H-mode Physics and Transport Barriers

Oxford, UK / Steve Eckstrand

Oct 16-22 15th International Conference on Fusion Reactor Materials Charleston, SC / Gene Nardella
Nov 14-18 APS-DPP Meeting Salt Lake City, UT / OFES

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