Budget and Finance

The ISC Budget and Financial Management staffs ensure that the Office of Science is exemplary in stewardship of fiscal resources. ISC budget and financial staff support the ten Office of Science site offices, the Science budget office and program offices by distributing funds in an efficient and effective manner, with systems in place to ensure that Congressional and Administrative Funding Control Points are not exceeded; creating and maintaining accurate and dependable financial records, payments and systems, providing expert financial assistance, advice and guidance to contractors and DOE organizations, and serving as liaison to the Department’s Inspector General (IG) and Government Accountability Office (GAO).

Functional areas supported include budget formulation and execution, accounting processes including payments, accounts receivable, travel, payroll, costing, contractor pensions and benefits, monthly and year end closing cycles and related financial reporting, and financial evaluation and review.

The ISC budget and financial staff are government finance professionals with many years of multi-agency government financial experience and expertise, formal education including undergraduate and advanced degrees in accounting, business and government, and certifications including the Department’s Financial Management Development Program and Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

Primary Points of Contact (POCs)

Federal Subject Matter Experts Supporting Site Offices

Site Office Name/Phone
Ames Site Office (AMSO) Ramona Nykodem, (630) 252-6047
Argonne Site Office (ASO) Ramona Nykodem, (630) 252-6047
Berkeley Site Office (BSO) Ramona Nykodem, (630) 252-6047
Brookhaven Site Office (BHSO) Ramona Nykodem, (630) 252-6047
Fermi Site Office (FSO) Ramona Nykodem, (630) 252-6047
Oak Ridge National Laboratory Site Office (OSO) Amanda Newport, (865) 574-4004
Rosemary Smith, (865) 241-6766
Pacific Northwest Site Office (PNSO) Jamie Standridge, (865) 574-8885
Erika Johnson, (865) 574-0009
Princeton Site Office (PSO) Ramona Nykodem, (630) 252-6047
SLAC Site Office (SSO) Dori Johnson, (865) 576-0773
Katie Shular, (865) 241-6662
Thomas Jefferson Site Office (TJSO) Sidney Ellis, (865) 576-2156
Bill McSpadden, (865) 576-3775