ISC-Chicago Office Categorical Exclusion (CX) Determinations

Determination Date Name of Action: Description Categorical Exclusion Number
2/8/2021 Neutron Scattering Cross Sections -- (n,n'), (n,n'gamma), and (n,gamma) Measurements B3.6, B3.10
1/21/2021 Open-Path, Cavity-Enhanced Absorption System for Rapid Measurements of Water Vapor and Temperature Aboard an UAS B1.31, B3.1, B3.6
7/17/2020 Computational Materials Design of Functionally Graded Structures for Enhanced Cooling of Plasma Facing Components via AM B3.6
9/14/2020 Production of astatine‐211 for translational science in radiotherapy B3.12
9/8/2020 Solar River Phase-2 Initial prototype build and testing B3.8
9/2/2020 Resilient Solar Racking System to Provide Consistent Electricity to Areas Impacted by Natural Disasters B5.16
8/6/2020 Sterile Insect Technique X-ray Irradiator B3.6
8/6/2020 SBIR Phase IIB Grant: "Vacuum Glass for R-10 Windows" (develop mfg process to support commercialization) B5.1, B3.6
6/7/2020 AEM Water Electrolyzer for Hydrogen Production from Off-Shore Wind B3.6
6/29/2020 A Novel Low Cost Thermal Energy Storage for Building Equipment Peak Load B3.6, B5.1