The Geosciences program supports basic experimental, theoretical and computational research in geochemistry and geophysics. Geochemical research emphasizes fundamental molecular level understanding of phase equilibria, reaction mechanisms and rates associated with aqueous and magmatic systems, focusing on interfacial phenomena, and on the molecular origins of isotopic distributions and migration pathways in interfacial systems. Geophysical research focuses on fundamental mechanistic understanding of the origins of subsurface physical properties and the constitutive response of earth materials to chemical and mechanical perturbation and integrates this information across multiple scales.

In both geophysics and geochemistry, the emphasis is on pushing the boundaries of current measurement techniques and modeling/data science approaches and on integrating experiments, models, and data that connect with one another in innovative ways.

BES funding is only appropriate to research that has multiple potential application areas. Projects focused on particular applications should contact the appropriate technology program.

To obtain more information about this research area, please see the proceedings of our Principal Investigators' Meetings. To better understand how this research area fits within the Department of Energy's Office of Science, please refer to the Basic Energy Science's organization chart and budget request.

For more information about this research area, please contact Dr. James Rustad.