Third DOE BES Separations Research Workshop

Third DOE/BES Separations Research Workshop
Hilton DeSoto Hotel
Savannah Georgia
May 12-14, 1999

Organizing Committee  

Dr. Richard Gordon
Separations & Analysis Prog.

Dr. Charles H Byers
Chem Tech Division
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Dr. Hank Cochran
Chem Tech Division
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Prof. Robin Rogers
Department of Chemistry
University of Alabama



This contractors meeting was an opportunity for an exchange of research results and perspectives amongst chemical scientists with interests in chemical separations. The "workshop” nature of this meeting was emphasized as opposed to either a “review” or a professional society meeting. The workshop presentations did more than discuss progress; we hope the discussions of challenges faced in the research of each participant was helpful in providing some indications and implications regarding opportunities for the future. We hope we provided a forum for open discussion and exchange of information on problems as well as on progress. The Separations and Analysis Program is driven by questions posed by members of the scientific community. Spirited discussions of problem areas marked the workshop as an unqualified success!


The agenda as it occurred may be viewed by Clicking here

The abstracts submitted by all the presenters at the workshop are given as a single document. Click to view individual abstracts from presenters.

News Items

  • Workshop Summary: A summary of the findings of the workshop as seen by Charles Byers may be viewed by clicking here

  • Workshop Questions: A discussion consisting of the response of the workshop participants to several questions posed by Hank Cochran may be reviewed by clicking here

  • Current Status: An overview of the status of research covered by the workshop as presented by Spiro Alexandratos may be read by clicking here

  • DOE Input: The viewpoints of the DOE Chemical Sciences office were expressed by Dick Gordon and Paul Maupin. These may be read by clicking here

  • Three Persistent Challenges: A discussion consisting of three challenges was led by Paul Bohn. The response of the workshop participants to these problems is also reported. Click here

  • Rogue's Gallery: Some of the photographs taken during the workshop may be enjoyed by clicking here

  • Updated Abstracts: The proceedings may be published in report form. If you would like to change your abstract to add illustrations or modify the text, please submit your modified document with your illustrations as GIF or jpg files to:

  • Attendee List: The site where the Attendee List is available on request. It is now complete.

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