Robin Hayes


Robin Hayes

Dr. Robin Hayes has worked with the DOE Energy Frontier Research Centers since September 2009, first as a AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellow, and then as a DOE Basic Energy Sciences program manager starting in August 2011. In addition, she coordinates the Office of Science Early Career Research Program for Basic Energy Sciences. Dr. Hayes received a B.S. in Chemistry and Mathematics from Linfield College in McMinnville, OR and a Ph.D. at the University of California, Los Angeles in Physical Chemistry under Professor Emily Carter. While there, Dr. Hayes was a member of the Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative (MURI) on “Virtual Testing and Design of Materials: A Multiscale Approach,” where she worked on linking first principles methods with finite element and continuum models to understand crystalline materials failure.

Before embarking on her AAAS Fellowship, Dr. Hayes was a postdoctoral researcher at New York University working with Professor Mark Tuckerman on self-assembly at organic-inorganic interfaces, methane dehydrogenation on bi-metallic nanoparticle catalysts, and proton transport in perfluorosulfonic acid fuel cell membranes using first principles methods. Dr. Hayes has co-authored 12 peer-reviewed papers and made nearly 30 presentations, including 9 invited talks, and served as a National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellow.

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