For IRB Members

This section is meant to be a resource for IRB Members.

DOE Central and site IRBs value their IRB members, who perform a critical role in ensuring the protection of human research subjects.

All IRB members must have initial and refresher training at least every three years. Contact your IRB Manager/Administrator for specific instructions for accessing the DOE-provided training.

It will also be helpful to read the IRB Member Handbook (Ambdur and Bankert), which DOE provides to all new IRB members of its site and central IRBs.  Also familiarize yourselves with the DOE requirements documents for DOE-funded/conducted HSR:

Please additionally familiarize yourself with DOE’s requirements for research involving human terrain mapping (outlined in the above requirements documents) and for research involving modification of the human environment (see FAQ on such research under IRB Managers/Administrators for more details).