Biological and Environmental Research Advisory Committee (BERAC)
October 24-25, 2019


Presenter Topic
Chris Fall, Director for Office of Science News from the Office of Science
Sharlene Weatherwax, Associate Director for BER   News from BER
Dr. Todd Anderson News from Biological Systems Science Division  
Dr. Gary Geernaert News from Climate & Environmental Sciences Division
Jerry Meehl, NCAR BERAC Science Talk: How is decadal variability in the tropical Pacific linked to sea ice variations in the Arctic and Antarctic?
Dr. Ruby Leung, PNNL Workshop Report Brief: Precipitation Metrics
Jim Hack, ORNL and COV Chair CESD COV report

Kerstin Kleese van Dam, BNL

Artificial Intelligence: Status and Opportunities

Barbara Helland, Associate Director for ASCR 

Report from AI for Science Town Halls
Jennifer Pett-Ridge, LLNL

Early Career Science Talk: Impacts of dynamic soil redox on Tropical soil microbiomes and biogeochemical transformations

Trent Northern, LBNL Early Career Science Talk: Deconstructing the metabolic webs of microbiomes within biological soil crusts
Douglas Mans, PNNL EMSL Facility Update
Julie Carruthers, DOE

Diversity and Inclusion in the Office of Science