BERAC Meeting April 20-21, 2005 Washington DC

BERAC Meeting April 20-21, 2005
Washington DC



Ray Orbach, Advancing Energy, Economic and National Security...

Dave Bader, Subcommittee Report on the Need for Enhanced Research on Cloud Parameterization Methods...

Peter Lunn, Status Report on Restructuring of Aerosol Research Program

Jerry Elwood, New Charge to Review Terrestrial Carbon Cycle Research

Robin Staffin, The Year of Physics

Mike Viola, Opportunities in Neural Prosthesis Research

Peter Faletra, Workforce Development in SC and BER

Keith Hodgson, Perspectives on the Department of Energy Office of Science - Issues and Opportunities in FY2006 and Beyond

Mike Kuperberg, Update on ERSD Restructuring

Allison Campbell, EMSL Update

Steve Larson, Comments

Alan B. Packard, VP, Radiopharmaceutical Sciences Council, SNM, Public Comment

Long Term Measures