Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Image courtesy of (left) Giri Prakash & Shawn Serbin (right) Maria Zawadowicz

(Left) Modular Data Ecosystem to enable data interoperability for AI. (Right) Self-organizing maps (SOMs) used to classify aerosol measurements during the ARM TRACER field campaign. M visualization of a selection of components: organic mass, NO3 mass, hydrocarbon-line organic aerosol mass, refractory black carbon equivalent, wind speed, CO mixing ratio.


The use of AI techniques has been piloted across Biological and Environmental Research (BER) research. The AI for Earth system predictability (AI4ESP) workshop validated the scientific, academic, and commercial community interest and need for critical advancements in infrastructure, opportunity, and direction to leverage AI for BER research. Support for known shifts in how we approach co-design and cross-domain science are evident in the Earth and Environmental Systems Sciences Division (EESSD) and Advanced Scientific Computing Research (ASCR) AI4ESP workshop as well as upcoming opportunities. BER is dedicated to harnessing DOE’s computational resources to exploit ‘big data’ across many Earth system domains while maintaining FAIR and equitable access.


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BER Workshops

  • AI for Earth System Predictability Workshop (October-December 2021)
  • 2020 ASR/ARM Topical Workshop on Machine Learning and Statistical Methods for Observations, Modeling, and Observational Constraints on Modeling. (October 2020)



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