Program Documents

Provided below is a listing of DOE Office of Science congressional testimony, Dear Colleague Letters, press releases, brochures, and other quantum information science-related documents. Documents related to a single program are listed on the individual Program Office QIS Pages.

July 1, 2021
The Department of Energy published the brochure, The National Quantum Information Science Research Centers: Leading the Quantum Revolution.

January 10, 2020
The Department of Energy Announces $625 Million for New Quantum Centers.
Press Release|FOA

September 25, 2018
Congressional testimony delivered by Paul M. Dabbar, the DOE Undersecretary for Science, before the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee discussed the emerging field of Quantum Information Science (QIS), highlighted its potential in our Nation’s continued economic competitiveness, and described the Department of Energy’s new initiatives in this area.
Congressional Testimony

November 29, 2017
The Office of Science discusses the emerging and cross-cutting field of Quantum Information Science (QIS) in a Dear Colleague Letter.

October 24, 2017
Congressional testimony delivered by J. Stephen Binkley, the Acting Director of the Office of Science, before the House Science, Space and Technology Committee discussed quantum information science and technology, the Department of Energy’s research efforts and interagency collaboration in this area, and where the U.S. stands relative to its international competition.
Congressional Testimony