Designation Process

The designation process of an Office of Science Public Reusable Research (SC PuRe) Data Resource recognizes the importance of the resource to the SC mission and signals the program’s intention to provide sustained, dedicated support for the resource.

The SC PuRe Data Resource designation conveys additional responsibilities and expectations for both the resource and the steward/sponsor program. This process ensures that consistent and appropriate review is applied to SC PuRe Data Resource requests.

The process is as follows:
With agreement from the cognizant SC Associate Director (AD), the SC program office and the host institution(s) ensure compliance with the SC PuRe Data Resource definition by producing:

  • A data management plan (DMP)
    • Written by the host institution
    • Approved by the SC program
    • Note that OSTI is available to assist with plans for long-term preservation.
  • A plan for overseeing the Resource through periodic peer review and/or proposal review.
    • Provided by the SC Program
    • Should include the frequency of reviews and/or proposal requests as well as the review criteria and questions to be used.
  • A statement from the host institution about how metrics and science highlights will be collected and submitted to SC.
    • Provided by the host institution
  • Assurance of buy-in from an appropriate level of management. [e.g. Lab Division Director]
    • Provided by the host institution

The Office of Science Working Group on Digital Data reviews the documents provided and makes a recommendation to the cognizant Associate Director. The Associate Director issues a determination.