DOE SC PuRe Data Resource Definition

A Department of Energy Office of Science Public Reusable Research Data Resource (SC PuRe Data Resource) is a data repository, knowledge base, analysis platform or other such activity sponsored by the Office of Science for the purpose of making data reusable and publicly available to advance scientific or technical knowledge.

An SC PuRe Data Resource has the following characteristics:
  • An SC research program office directly supports and oversees an institution or institutions to sustain and manage the Resource.
  • The Resource is considered to be an authoritative provider of data or capabilities in its subject area.
  • The Resource is publicly available. The terms of access, such as licenses, are as open as possible.
  • The Resource appropriately uses DOIs to facilitate discovery, reuse, and citation of data and software.
  • The Resource provides sufficient information for a potential user to determine whether the resource is appropriate for their purposes.
  • The supporting SC program office ensures there is regular peer review of the management, operations, and scientific impact of the data resource.
  • There exists an SC‐approved Data Management Plan (DMP) that holistically covers the Resource and that serves as a compact between the supporting SC program office and the managing institution or institutions, regarding the management of the Resource. At a minimum, the DMP must address:
    • A description of the data used and/or generated;
    • Data and/or software sharing agreements, licensing, and other terms of access and reuse;
    • Long‐term preservation and stewardship of data and relevant software, including plans for handing data off to a preservation service;
    • Protection of data and code including security and integrity; and
    • Accountability of the data management plan.