Who We Are

Executing the mission and functions of the Office of Science Field Operations organization requires a wide range of subject matter expertise to provide stewardship of taxpayer dollars.  Executing our Field Operations mission requires expertise in:

  • communications
  • stakeholder interactions
  • human resources services
  • requirements management
  • budget formulation and execution
  • financial management and integrity
  • contracting and contract administration
  • personal property management
  • records management
  • safeguards and security  
  • information technology
  • real property management
  • project management
  • environment, safety and health and waste management
  • quality assurance
  • emergency management

A large part of that expertise resides in our Consolidated Service Center, which provides matrix support to each field location as well as to Science Headquarters.  This allows our on-location Site Office staffing to be efficiently tailored to provide oversight based on the size and complexity of laboratory operations.