Contractor Assurance Systems

What is Contractor Assurance?

This is a contractor-designed and utilized system to manage performance consistent with contract requirements.  Once implemented, it will be used as a framework that engages the corporate parent to assess performance, provides data to the contractor’s management decision-making process, and allows the contractor to more effectively manage processes, resources and outcomes.  The system provides transparency between the contractor and DOE to ensure alignment across the enterprise to accomplish mission needs, and for DOE to determine the necessary level of Federal oversight.

Overarching Principles of CAS:

  • Line management is accountable for performance
  • Assurance is an outcome
  • Assurance is reasonable, not absolute
  • Assurance covers the full scope of contractor Operations
  • Effective assurance is built on mutual trust between DOE and the contractor

Background of Office of Science CAS

In July of 2009, The SC Deputy for Field Operations chartered a federal/contractor team to improve the execution of Contractor Assurance at Science National Laboratories.  The team evaluated the current systems in place and developed the revised CAS description.  The team also developed a new H clause that would be modified into all SC Laboratory Contracts by January of 2010.

Current Status

In April of 2010, the Office of Science indentified an initial peer review team that would evaluate the current CAS implementation at all 10 Science Laboratories.  The initial review took place beginning in May of 2010 with all reviews being completed by March of 2012.  The final report will be issued by December 2012.