Mike Town

Fellowship Placement: National Science Foundation
Cohort: 2010-2011

Mike Town has taught science and engineering courses for over 30 years in Redmond, Washington. Mike currently teaches AP Environmental Science, Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Design, and the University of Washington Global Warming courses at Tesla STEM High School.

In 2010-2011, Mike served as an Einstein Fellow working on STEM education policy issues for the National Science Board.  For the past 4 years Mike has been a member of the Teacher Advisory Council for the National Academies of Science. He served on the Steering Committee on National Research Council of the National Academies of Science workshop on Climate Change Education in Formal Settings which contributed to the National Academies report on STEM Integration in K-12 Education reports.  Mike has also chaired National Academies of Science workshops on “STEM Learning Is Everywhere: Engaging Schools and Empowering Teachers to Integrate Formal, Informal, and After-School Education to Enhance Teaching and Learning in Grades K-8” and “Exploring Opportunities for STEM Teacher Leadership.” Mike has been awarded the NEA Foundation Green Prize and the Presidential Innovation Award for Environmental Educators.