Art Lebofsky

Art Lebofsky

Fellowship Placement: Capitol Hill
Cohort: 1990-1991

Before the Fellowship, during its first year (1990-1991), Art Lebofsky was a Department Chair at a New York state high school, teaching all high school science subjects. 

During the Fellowship, Art worked in the office of Senator Jeff Bingaman (NM) helping draft legislation that created the Commission on Standards, and worked to form an Hispanic caucus in the Senate. Working to sustain the Fellowship was also a priority, as Art was in the first cohort of four teachers. In addition, Art also interviewed Lamar Alexander who was then a candidate for US Secretary of Education, and worked with the Senate Education Sub-committee, chaired by Senator Ted Kennedy.

After the Fellowship, Art moved to a different district where he was Math and Science Coordinator.  Art also taught elementary science methods courses at the college level, and after retirement, did consulting work, evaluated NSF projects, wrote and received grants, served on the NSTA Board, and authored science readers for grades K-8.

Currently, Art does volcano research and travels extensively.  Many of these opportunities were enabled by his participation in the Fellowship where contacts gained and skills learned were of significant value.