Anne Holbrook

Fellowship Placement: National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Cohort: 1999-2000

Over time, Anne Holbrook’s teaching experiences became more varied and interesting, but her love of teaching is still with the younger students and teachers of the preschool and primary grade students. These students deserve the best and their potential learning problems need to be addressed and resolved as early as possible. These younger learners have taught Anne so much about life and learning. They have been some of her best teachers.

During Anne’s Fellowship years, opportunities arose to add this target age group to NASA competitions, learning products and activities. The posters designed during her tenure are ongoing proof of the creativity and teamwork that was demonstrated during her Fellowship. NASA Fellows and staff contributed to Anne’s later experiences in the use of databases, research, design, assessment through new courses of study, and many interesting employment opportunities. The Albert Einstein Fellowship gave Anne the confidence to branch out into other areas of education and be able to assess the needs of specific audiences with well-defined and targeted outcomes and goals.

Before the Fellowship, Anne was focused on a smaller group of students and afterwards she possessed the skills needed to assess the needs of larger audiences. For example, one of Anne’s friends, an astronaut, participated in STEM activities in her school district and later presented at a pre-service teacher gathering for enhancement of teacher skills and free, easily accessible activities.

Anne enjoys giving direction to U.S. Department of Education grants and volunteering to lead activities for English, second language families to become citizens.

Anne is proud to have impacted the lives of others because of the opportunities she received after serving her Fellowship. Anne states that the Fellowship changed her approach and life: “The world became my playing field, especially after working with 13 international middle school teachers in Singapore. New friends with new ideas, methods, and activities with one focus-- to improve education/life.”