Grant/Cooperative Agreement Forms

The application forms for Office of Science use in applying for grants and cooperative agreements are available at the website. All Funding Opportunity Announcements published at contain information about the required forms, the application instructions, and details about how to submit the application. Grants and cooperative agreements will only be reviewed if their applications are on SF-424 (R&R) forms submitted through

Should an applicant be requested by SC to submit a revised budget with a written justification, please use the government-wide standard grant form budget pages SF-424 (R&R). Non-fillable .pdf versions of the budget pages are available at However, as a convenience, the Office of Science makes these Excel facsimiles of the SF-424 (R&R) available here:

These files are not protected; they may be edited in any way. The spreadsheets will automatically add the direct cost categories and calculate total direct costs, but they will not multiply indirect cost rates and bases. Any formula may be overwritten. Please exercise caution when using these forms.

Please submit any requested budget and budget justification as an email attachment addressed to the Office of Science personnel who requested the revised information. The cover email with attachments must bear the signature, physical or electronic, of an authorized institutional official. Emails are considered to bear the signatures of their senders.

**Reminder: The DOE 4620 Form may only be used by the DOE National Laboratories. Any other applicants for grants and cooperative agreements may not use DOE Form 4620.