Contract Management

The FSO Business and Contract Support Team implements the timely execution of all Fermi Research Alliance (FRA) management and operating contract modifications.

Responsibilities of the team include:

  • Ensure that the requirements of FAR 1.602-1(b) (e.g. all requirements of law, executive orders, regulations, and all other applicable procedures, including clearances and approvals) have been met;
  • Ensure that sufficient funds are available for obligations;
  • Obligate funds and approve payments;
  • Ensure that FRA receives impartial, fair, and equitable treatment;
  • Request and consider the advice of specialists in audit, law, engineering, transportation, and other fields, as appropriate;
  • Be responsible for all contract management functions listing in FAR 42.3; and
  • Approve the Laboratory's implementation of its Contractor Assurance System (CAS)

The Contracting Officers (CO's) implement contract management functions through the appropriate Site Office staff in accordance with the Site Office processes and procedures. The CO's additionally perform Property Administrator (PA) and Fleet Manager functions. They provide advice and leadership to the virtual contract management team, the Contracting Officer Representatives (COR's) and other parties as appropriate.

The Performance-Based Management Contract, No. DE-AC02-07CH11359 (including all amendments since initial award) between the United States Department of Energy and Fermi Research Alliance, LLC for operation of the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory is available for review.