Nanoscale Science Research Centers (NSRCs)

NSRC Portal

The five NSRCs are DOE’s premier user centers for interdisciplinary research at the nanoscale, serving as the basis for a national program that encompasses new science, new tools, and new computing capabilities. Each center has particular expertise and capabilities in selected theme areas, such as synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials; catalysis; theory, modeling and simulation; electronic materials; nanoscale photonics; soft and biological materials; imaging and spectroscopy; and nanoscale integration. The centers are housed in custom-designed laboratory buildings near one or more other major BES facilities for x-ray, neutron, or electron scattering and large scale computation which complement and leverage the capabilities of the NSRCs. These laboratories contain clean rooms, nanofabrication resources, one-of-a-kind signature instruments, and other instruments not generally available except at major user facilities. NSRC resources and capabilities are available to the international academic, industry and government research community for successfully peer-reviewed research projects. Read More »

For more information about this research area, please contact Dr. Misha Zhernenkov or Dr. Dava Keavney.