Center for Complex Materials from First Principles (CCM)

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John Perdew

Lead Institution

Temple University


2014-2020; Known as the Center for the Computational Design of Functional Layered Materials (CCDM) from 2014 - 2018. 


To develop, test, apply, and experimentally validate improved methods of electronic structure calculation for both simple and complex materials (including quantum materials).

Research Topics

catalysis (heterogeneous), electrocatalysis, solar (photovoltaic), mechanical behavior, superconductivity, magnetism and spin physics, water, materials and chemistry by design, synthesis (novel materials)

Materials Studied

Materials: semiconductor, metal, oxide, actinide

Interfaces: liquid/solid

Nanostructured Materials: 2D

Experimental and Theoretical Methods

X-ray diffraction and scattering, electron microscopy, scanning probe microscopy, surface science, high-throughput screening methods, molecular dynamics (MD), density functional theory (DFT), multiscale modeling


Partner Institutions

  • Brookhaven National Laboratory
  • Drexel University
  • Duke University
  • Northeastern University
  • Rice University
  • Temple University
  • Tulane University
  • University of Pennsylvania

BES Staff Contact

Michael Markowitz, Craig Henderson