Manager's Office 




Dr. Joanna M. Livengood  


(630) 252-2366 

Rock Aker  

Deputy Site Manager 

(630) 252-5663 

Courtney Clinton  

Executive Assistant 

(630) 252-2274 

Nuclear Safety Oversight

The Argonne National Laboratory (Argonne) operates one Hazard Category 2 nuclear facility and two Hazard Category 3 nuclear facilities. The ASO Manager, a qualified Senior Technical Safety Manager (STSM) is the delegated Safety Basis Approval Authority for the Argonne Hazard Category 3 or higher nuclear facilities.  The ASO Deputy Manager is also a qualified STSM. 
The ASO Operations Division (OPSD) is staffed with personnel providing in-field oversight of the nuclear facilities on the Argonne campus, as well as leadership of the applicable Safety Basis Review Teams for Argonne.
Operations Division 
The Operations Division (OPSD) consists of a Senior Technical Safety Manager (STSM) Director, Facility Representatives (FRs) and environment, safety, security, and health (ESSH) subject matter experts. Oversight performed by OPSD provides ASO management with accurate objective information on the effectiveness of Argonne work performance and practices. The oversight program focuses resources on selected assessments, operational awareness activities, performance measure monitoring and improvement, and monitoring Argonne systems and programs. The OPSD role involves routine presence in Argonne review of Contractor Assurance Systems (CAS), and participation in operational awareness activities to ensure the application of ISM core functions to all work. ASO OPSD has subject matter experts in various major disciplines related to ESSH: environment, emergency management, health physics, industrial hygiene, nuclear safety, occupational safety, and security.  
OPSD Subjects/Programs Points of Contact List  




Eric Dallmann  

Division Director 

(630) 252-3340 

Noreen M. Brachmann  

Facility Representative 

(630) 252-2102 

James M. Piatek  

Facility Representative 

(630) 252-2323 

Steven Terpening  

Facility Representative 

(630) 252-2673 

Eric M. Turnquest  

Facility Representative 

(630) 252-9812 

Howard Filler  

Senior Security Specialist 

(630) 252-2141 

Kaushik N. Joshi  

Environmental Engineer 

(630) 252-4226 

Katrina L. Burnett  

Emergency Mgmt Coordinator, Safety & Occupational Health Specialist 

(630) 252-2736 

Business Division

ASO’s Business Division (BUSD) communicates and enforces contract requirements, authorizes work, reviews and approves contract performance and deliverables, and provides Contracting Officer direction and guidance to Argonne. The BUSD approves and oversees business operations and administrative systems such as budget, financial management, accounting, internal and external audits, procurement management, property management (intellectual, real and personal), contractor human resources, industrial and labor relations, legal, public affairs and community relations, programs, and any other related requirements applicable to the Argonne contract. This Division also focuses on Research & Development program implementation, monitoring, and Strategic Partnership Projects (SPPs) support provided by Argonne to other federal and non-federal sponsors.  
BUSD Subjects/Programs Points of Contact List  




Jennifer Stricker  

Division Director 

(630) 252-2127 

Jacquelyn D. Brocker  

Contract Specialist/Contracting Officer 

(630) 252-2193 

Bridget Duffy  

Contract Specialist/Contracting Officer 

(630) 252-2850 

Brandon Whittier  

Contract Specialist/Contracting Officer 

(630) 252-4614 

John D. Kasprowicz  

Program Management Specialist 

(630) 252-2621 

Pamela A. Miller  

Laboratory Support Assistant 

(630) 252-2982 

Judy Wolfe  

Program Analyst 

(630) 252-2454 

Mission Integration and Projects Division

The ASO Mission Integration and Projects Division (MIPD) is responsible for providing federal project managers for managing facility functions outlined in DOE Order 430.1B Change 2, Real Property Asset Management. As such, MIPD is responsible for the oversight of construction of new facilities at ANL, upgrades of existing facilities, maintaining and improving the integrity of the general-purpose infrastructure (site and facilities), utilities, and real estate. Argonne facilities include 5.1M square feet of floor space in over 150 buildings, valued at ~ $3.9B. Project management activities include projects as large as the $815M Advanced Photon Source Project to maintenance projects valued at several thousand dollars. Typically, about 50 small projects are under construction at any one time. In addition, MIPD executes ASO's mission responsibilities for legacy waste shipments and decontamination/decommissioning of existing facilities.  
MIPD Subjects/Programs Points of Contact List  




Ron Lutha  

Division Director (Acting) 

(630) 252-8173 

Frank Gines  

General Engineer, Federal Project Director 

(630) 252-4182 

Alexandria Walton  

General Engineer, Federal Project Director 

(630) 252-2707