By Institution

The map and source data below contain information regarding FY 2022 user projects at the Office of Science User Facilities, summarized at the institutional level. For example, one may explore the data to reveal the number of users from a particular institution that used a particular user facility. The data can be grouped and filtered to narrow the displayed results. See the interactive map usage tips below for more information.

Full screen view:

View the map in a separate browser window, scalable to full screen.

Source data:


Group, filter, and search the map data:

To group the displayed data, select the Grouping Tool and attribute:

Maptive Grouping Tool

To filter the displayed data, select the Filter Tool:

Maptive Filter Tool

To filter the displayed data through a text search, select the “Text Filter” under the Filter Tool:

Maptive Text Filter

The Boundary Tool can provide summary data by specific geographies including country, U.S. states, counties, zip codes and congressional districts. To overlay geographic boundaries, select the Boundary Tool and the “boundary type.” You have the option to shade the regions with a scale tied to numerical data, such as the number of users:

Maptive Boundary Tool

Program abbreviation key: