A Message from Under Secretary for Science Dr. Raymond L. Orbach to the DOE Office of Science and the Science Community about Ralph DeLorenzo

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November 14, 2006

Dear Colleagues,

Mr. Ralph H. DeLorenzo, Director of the Financial Management Division, is retiring from the Department of Energy's Office of Science, January 3, 2007. I shall miss his extraordinary knowledge, leadership, and commitment. I know that all of you join me in recognition of his remarkable service to our programs and the Department.

Through out his 38-year career with the Department, Ralph has demonstrated enthusiasm for successfully meeting challenges. Ralph began his career with the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) in March 1970, by serving as a Federal Career Development Program intern in the Office of the Secretary of the AEC. Following his internship, Ralph joined the Office of the Controlled in 1973 as a budget analyst responsible for the Reactor Development and Technology and Space Nuclear Systems programs. In 1977, Ralph was selected to become the budget officer for the Geothermal Energy Program and later assumed responsibility for the Electric Energy Efficiency and Energy Storage programs. Following his success in these positions, Ralph joined the office of the Assistant Secretary for Environment as budget officer in 1979.

Beginning in 1981, Ralph moved into the budget analyst position within the Office of Science. From 1981-1989 he was the Acting Deputy Director of the Office of Energy Research Financial Management Division. Ralph was selected as the Financial Management Division Director and has served the Office of Energy Research and the Office of Science as Division Director since 1989.

Ralph is responsible for formulating the Office of Science budget, preparing materials for the budget presentations, defense before Congress, and execution of program budgets managed by the Office of Science. Ralph is widely respected within the Department, OMB and Congress, and trusted as one of the Government's best budget analysts and drafters. Ralph has dedicated himself to ensuring that budget submissions were accurate and complied with Office of Science, Departmental and Congressional guidance.

In addition to Ralph's service to the Department of Energy, he served as a commissioned officer in the United States Army, including service in Vietnam. In addition, Ralph received a Presidential Rank Award in 2003.

Please join me in thanking him for his wonderful accomplishments in federal service, and wishing him and his family health and happiness in his retirement.

Signature of Dr. Raymond L. Orbach 
Raymond L. Orbach
Under Secretary for Science