A Message from Dr. Raymond L. Orbach, Director, Office of Science, to the DOE Office of Science and the Science Community about Leah Dever

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May 15, 2006

Dear Colleagues,

Ms. Leah Dever, Director of Laboratory Policy and Infrastructure, is retiring from the Department of Energy's Office of Science, June 9, 2006. I shall miss her knowledge, leadership, and commitment greatly. I know that all of you join me in recognition of her remarkable service to our program and Department.

Throughout her 20-year career with the Department Leah has demonstrated enthusiasm for successfully meeting challenges. She began her tenure with DOE in the office of the Assistant Secretary for Environment, Safety and Health where she brought expertise to environmental compliance and restoration programs and helped guide numerous Operations Offices through the difficult process of complying with environmental law and practice.

Ms. Dever continued her career with assignments in the DOE field operations complex and continued to build her experiences while leading environmental and restoration programs at the Nevada Test Site and as Manager of the Ohio Field Office.

If anything prepared Ms. Dever for a career in the Office of Science it was her next assignment as Manager of the Oak Ridge Office. While there she faced and met the challenges of transitioning the Y-12 Plant and Site Office into the National Nuclear Security Administration structure. In addition, she helped the Office of Science immensely by guiding us through the transition to a new contractor at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory and facilitating actions to enable new ORNL development. Under Ms. Dever's leadership Oak Ridge Operations staff were recognized for their pollution prevention efforts receiving several DOE National Pollution Prevention Awards and a White House Closing the Circle Award during her tenure.

Ms. Dever has led the Office of Science's Environment, Safety and Health division admirably and ably. Ms. Dever's work on infrastructure, security, safety and the environment has established the Office of Science as a leader in these fields. Her commitment to providing a safe and secure work environment is to be commended. Ms. Dever's leadership has seen improvement in the Office of Science's safety statistics, investment in infrastructure, consideration of third party financing and dedication to find solutions to the environmental hazards in our complex.

Ms. Dever has been honored six times during her career with SES Performance Awards. She has performed her duties with knowledge, understanding, and enthusiasm. Her wit and humor has marked her relationship with all of us. We are so very grateful to her.

Please join me in wishing her health and happiness in her retirement.

Signature of Dr. Raymond L. Orbach
Raymond L. Orbach
Director, Office of Science
U.S. Department of Energy